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July 7–28, 2024

Flag Mountain Camp, South Dakota

(pictured above)

In the beautiful Black Hills region of South Dakota, near Mt. Rushmore 

Information/Questions or 360.857.7040


THURSDAY,  April 25

at 8:00 PM EST



at 8:00 PM EST

Inviting Collegiate Student Leaders & Students:

Our Journey—We do life together for 3 weeks. Much like the New Testament church experience, we are all in, and the Holy Spirit is able to teach and grow us in miraculous ways! Each day is filled with all the good things of life—deep dive into Biblical truths with inspirational young adult presenters, small groups, opportunities to develop skills in sharing Jesus, incredible recreation, solitude in the beautiful outdoors and making friends for eternity.


Participants will receive a Group Facilitation Certificate from Paul Lehmann, MPH and DiscipleTrek Director, Kaleigh Benge. Additionally, student participants will receive an Honorarium for spiritual leadership training.


This is a unique opportunity to fully engage in an in-depth spiritual journey. Each person commits to this high calling and being fully engaged. We leave distractions at home— stress and anxiety, summer jobs, internships, online classes, the stress of this world, perhaps even distracting relationships. Talk about a breath of fresh air!

Travel Assistance (for all accepted Applicants) 

  • Airfare Receipt: Up to $600

  • Driving Mileage: Up to $600 at $0.43/mile

Why is there a Travel Assistance?  Because you are a valued young leader worth this investment! 

Spiritual Leadership Honorarium (for Spiritual leaders for 2024-25 school year)

  • Spiritual Leadership Honorarium:  $750

This Honorarium is for ACF Officers, Campus Ministries Leaders, Small Group Bible Study Leaders. Why is there a Spiritual Leadership Honorarium?  Because we want to value young adults active in Spiritual leadership.


DiscipleTrek Application Process

  • Submit application for ACF/Collegiate DiscipleTrek 2024

  • Email notification of acceptance will be sent within 2 weeks of submitting application


Application Deadlines & Reservation Fee:

  • Deadline: June 17, 2024

  • Reservation Fee: $50

The Reservation Fee demonstrates personal commitment and secures your spot in ACF/Collegiate DiscipleTrek 2024. This fee is due within 1 week of receiving your notification of acceptance and is not refundable until the end of your DiscipleTrek experience. The $50 Reservation Fee will be refunded at the end of DiscipleTrek. 


Apply SoonSpace is limited to 30 participants.

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